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Feature page Answered

So after the website's layout has changed the feature page disappeared. I can't even access it from https://www.instructables.com/featured/ . Is it gone forever? It was the best way to follow all new instructables posted here and I've been accessing it for years.



2 months ago

If you want the /recent back, you have to subscribe to all 205 channels in your feed and choose "recent" (top-right)
If you want /featured back, you need to do the same, save the click on "recent"


2 months ago

I was similarly distraught at first because I couldn't see the "Recent". I had to get support from the folks at instructables! You can still see a view like the "featured" instructables of old it just takes a little work to transition.

Now you need to be logged in and go to your "feed". There's a featured and recent option on your "feed." If you want your feed to look like the old style of instructables you'll have to follow all the categories (it takes a fair amount of clicking), but the upside (once we get over the change) is that you can unfollow things if you keep seeing instructables in a certain category that you don't really have an interest in.