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Fixing a 5 character seven segment display clock Answered

This is a count up race clock that fell due to high winds and has stopped working. It is a springco athletics model 2710A. I have already tried respecting and reconnecting all the non soldered pieces of this display. The main chip on the board is a PIC16F887 with 20 pins. Each display is connected by a single ribbon cable with 20 pins and there are jumpers on each display labeled 1-6(presumably for the character placement in the display). If I cannot find a way to fix the current hardware I would like to replace the control board with an arduino that can do the same thing but I do not know how to wire the display to the arduino nor what model to use. Any suggestions are welcomed.



4 months ago

A bit more precise please...
Is nothing at all working, just something not working, what does still work?
With a drop you can get anything from a contact problem over broken solder joints to actual cracks in the circuit board.
In the worst case the microcontroll could fail if one or more faults cause big problem.
If dropped while without power you should only have to deal with mechanically related issue from the impact.

Do you have any equippment to test, like a multimeter?


Answer 4 months ago

Since receiving the clock it worked normally for 5 minutes then after being shifted it would only flash a display when first powered on and then goes blank. Currently I am unable to get any display to come out of it. I do not know if it was on when it fell. I can get a multimeter for testing but do not currently have one.


Answer 3 months ago

I assume contact problems.
Take a good light and magnifiying glass to check the contacts, both for connectors and solder joints.
A hairline usually means broken and requires resoldering.
If the plug contacts don't look shiny then there might be a problem too.
If in doubt check for continuity through the cable by testing from solder point to solder point.