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How do I fix my Playstation 2 Slimline model to get on the internet wirelessly? Answered

I am wondering, is it remotely, even possible to use a PS2-slim (SCPH-75001) model# shown; but -- can I use it with 802.11 bandwidth signals just like a computer?  I figure that.*  ...But, I don't know how to do it, the right way --- even though I've heard of several different methods to do so.  Is this possible.




7 years ago

I assume you're speaking of another Ethernet-cable, than the one that came with the Win-98 (S.E.) system, right? "What it looks like: clear, 2 ends for hook-up to a PC and another device, [if it works - my PS2] - right)? In basic terms, what I'm trying to say is: will the Windows 98-SE Ethernet-Cable that came with the computer for internet work with the PS2? 'Cause, in the PS2-Slim SCPH-75001 Instruction Manual said that, unless you have just the right type and make of an Ethernet-Cable for the PS2 system Slim, then when you power it up, "...it's a shock and/or fire hazard."* Question, "Is this true?"

Plus: I have the cost of a Wireless Bridge Router from Norton, Virginia (Wal-Mart). It's $29.99 (+Tax) ...so about $31.00 -- I think. The brand-name? ...A Belkin N-150... (Color: Black). 2G-Wireless Connection.* Is this the right stuff to use? Just checking on it.... Thanks again, didn't mean to bother.

- User1877


Answer 7 years ago

That wireless router won't act as a bridge, you need the other way, to have the wireless be the WAN connection and the wired be the lan connection.

There are 2 common connection schemes of ethernet cable, A, and B. If you have A on both ends, or B on both ends, it's a straight patch cable.
If you have A on one end and B on the other, it's a crossover cable, with 2 wires swapped inside, allowing a different type of connection. It's never a shock or fire hazard to hook up the wrong type because...it simply isn't. It just won't work.

not a problem - but again, what EXACTLY do you want to do with it? What I got at before, it CAN be done but it's not useful any more because the PS2 has virtually no internet support and any support it had is gone server side because the games are all antiquated.


7 years ago


you need a wireless ethernet bridge. It won't browse the internet, it will just do what ps2 games expect of the internet -- so it won't be very useful for the cost.

It's cheaper to come up with a spare computer with wireless, and hook the ps2 to the ethernet on the computer, then 'bridge' the connections between the two in (presumably) windows with internet connection sharing.