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How do you program a attiny13a? Answered

I'm thinking about getting some attiny13a micro-controllers. But how do you program them. I've seen https://www.instructables.com/id/Ghetto-Programming%3a-Getting-started-with-AVR-micro/ but that's for the attiny2313. Thanks in advance!



Best Answer 10 years ago

The 13A is an 8 pin, stripped down version of the 2313 and looking around, looks to be out of production. Are you really committed to this or could you pick up the 2313? It appears to have a much greater following, more abilities and is a current product. If you really do need to use the 13A, I would expect the programming cycle to be the same (but check) so you could build the 2313 programmer with an 8 pin socket and pins swapped around accordingly. The standard compiler should work as you usually specify what device you're programming for at the beginning of the process. It will then adapt the code file to suit.


2 years ago

This is a fairly old post, but just wanted to note that they sell these cheap little programmers on ebay now a days. Less than $2 a piece from China. Can program just about any version the the ATtiny line of chips I believe.


10 years ago

The ATtiny13 is NOT out of production (the 13A was an improved version and might have been dropped for the low-voltage ATtiny13V.) They are very popular, low-cost AVRs and Atmel isn't going to stop making them anytime soon.

The ATtiny2313 is a nice chip also, but do your home work: the 2313 has more pins, memory, better serial support, but doesn't have an ADC (analog-digital converter.)

Compare AVRs on this page at AVRFreaks, which also has EOL (end-of-life) information...


Answer 10 years ago

Whoops - apologies. I had a quick look around and saw the 'not recommended for new designs' tag. I missed the updated versions.