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How to charge a series parallel array? Answered

Hi, we are building an ice cream cart with a 36v sound system and a 12v led dance floor. We desire to do a series-parallel with six 7.2Ah SLA batteries, for the 36v amplifier. And run two 7.2Ah SLA batteries in parallel for the lights. 

I would love to brainstorm on how I can charge all these sla batteries. Can people help? We already own a cheap car charger 2 and 6 amp setting. 

I am leaning toward throwing a switch or a few switches to go between 36 and 12 for the amps batteries.


Thanks, Tor



6 years ago

I am unsure what you mean by diodes. I was dreaming of not needing to unplug all of those terminals. I'd rather make a somewhat complex switching system. Are 36v chargers made? maybe I should look into them....



6 years ago

I would make two wiring harneses. One that would configure the batteries in the playing setup and one that would wire them in charging setup. You will probably need to use diodes to isolate things but you'll probably need to do that with switches.