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How to get a plug out of Kindle headset plug? Answered

My headset plug broke and got stuck in there. What do I do?




2 years ago

The last on I did was on a mac book lap top. I drilled a 2mm hole into it, then removed the drill put super glue on the other end of the drill and poked it back in the hole. Waited a few minutes for the glue to dry and then pilled it out with pliers.


2 years ago

We some topic and I think even an Ible about the problem, just for AV plugs.
I bring it down to the basics:
If you can grab or pry it with something try to lift it out that way first.
Second best is to hope for some plastic inside the plug.
Heat a needle glowing red, bend the last bit of the tip to form a tiny L or at least give the tip a slight angle - only for the last half mm or so.
Heat again and push it into the plastic, let fully cool down and use it to lift the plug out.
In case that fails too:
Use insulating tape, duct tape or similar to cover the area around the plug, get as close to the plug as possible.
To close the gap between tape and plug (not the plug hole!) use plastic moddeling clay, bees wax or similar.
You want a taped area with just the meatal parts or the plug itself accesible, everything between there and tape is covered by the wax.
Remove the cotton from a cotton bud - it will be a thin plastic rod with a cut or dinted surface perfect to hold glue.
Prepare some sort of mount that can hold the device with the plug and the former cotton bud in place when it is sitting right on the plug.
I usually just take a lump of moddeling clay for it.
Now mix some quick setting 2K glue or firbreglass resin (prefered if you have some at hand).
Dip the plastic rod in it so you cover up to the rough sections.
Let the excess drip off and then place on your broken plug.
The remaining glue or resin will flow down and attach to the plug.
Some will run over - that is why we cover!!
If the glue is starting to set and more like putty you can try to add a little more to give added stability and avoid breaking off.
Double check the curing time and conditions - if in doubt use the leftover glue to check when it is really fully cured and rock hard.
Now simply pull everything out, the tape will come off and all is fine again ;)

Jack A LopezDownunder35m

Answer 2 years ago

In my home country, this what you call, "cotton bud", is called, "cotton swab".


In the olden days, the stick to which the cotton was attached, it was made of tightly rolled paper. However, most of the modern ones I have seen, have a stick made of some kind of rigid plastic tubing, about 2.5 mm diameter, and about 50 mm in length.

Also, the word "q-tip", was how I first heard these things described, but it turns out that word is a genericized trademark.


2 years ago

Use a 1 inch long and #6 or preferably a #4 wood screw.

With Kindle Turned Off, screw the #4 wood screw into the plug.

Should the plug turn, use a pen knife or awl or any pointy implement to hold it still so you can grab the plug ever so lightly and pull it out.

When that fails, get a bare wire, scratch the end up, dip it in to a thin freshly mixed epoxy and slide it into the hole left by the screw..

Go to sleep and and when you wake, perform your normal ablutions. Then smoothly pull the wire with plug attached out.

If that fails drilling or disassembly will be required.. -.-. . -. --.


Answer 2 years ago

Personally I'd just crack it open to see whats inside :D

but if you want a slightly less risky solution then +1


2 years ago

A close-up photo of the damaged plug would be a massive help.