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I need help i´m new to arduino Answered

Me and a friend of mine need to build a project for school and we had the idea of making a car with arduino, controlled by android with a live camera connected to a raspberry. I want to now if that is possible to do.



Anshu AR

1 year ago


Yeah, why not?

I mean you can totally build an RC car running on an Arduino and controlled by an Arduino.

But, the live camera using a Raspberry? Sounds like a pickle to me.

Why not use an FPV camera. FPV cameras come with transmitter and receiver so you'll be good to go.

All the best for your project.


1 year ago

Not really as it will be over your budget and skillset if you need to ask here.
Takes a lot of programming and coding on three different platforms.
More for someone with a few years of experience doing smaller things on these systems.
But converting a normal remote car to FPV systems or make it record a track so it can drive it alone could be within your reach - if you know your way around soldering, programming and modifying electronics...