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Ideas for "Consuming" Outdated LEDs Answered

Hello all!
I have many of Cheap and Outdated LEDs (In thousands) lying around. These were purchased long time ago (2003~2005) when luxeon Stars were hardly available and costed Rs 1000 a piece. These LEDs are-
5mm 20 deg White ~100pc
4.8mm "Straw Hat" Low dome 100 deg White.~ Many

1)Both of them are rated at 20ma, 3.2 volts.
2) Straw hats are twice as better (Life, brightness, Even-ness) than low beam angle 5mm ones
3)I learnt the hard way using these in many precious projects. Now I know very well that 5mm LEDs dim considerably even at 20ma after a year intermittent use. I had made 36-LED matrixes (about 2 watts) with good spacing between LEDs, Legs uncut still went dim after a year.
4)There is a huge variation in Tint, Voltage and output of these. Straw hats are better , but still
5)These are not entirely Cheap in money per-se. Costed 3 Rs per piece. Today a reasonable spec Chinese 350ma Star costs 40 a piece. If we consider a bunch of 18 of these to make that wattage, They add up to Rs 55
6)Advices to throw them in the bin/ Donating/ smashing with bulldozers./ Overvoltage Fun etc are not my idea.
7)Don't want to spend tremendous time/energy/money than they're worth.



6 years ago

Thanks for all the replies,
You'll see these in coming instructables Shortly,


6 years ago

tossed with a light vinagrette and some croutons?


6 years ago

- LED-throwies --> https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Throwies/
- Any sort of low-ligh-demand lighting like for eBooks (Can be adjusted and re-adjusted)
- Any sort of prank incorporating LEDs since those things have to be left behind very often