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Motor and base design for optical toys Answered

Hello everybody!

I'm in the process of building a reiteration of a series of optical toys (like this one, or these) with motor, stroboscopes and little music system. The thing is their discs measure about 1 m (like 3,2 feets) and one of them (praxinoscope) is a heavy one due to the mirrors it possess (see photo [it isn't it's actual state]) so I created a metal base for it with a tube, three metal angles as legs and washing machine 115v ~60hz 70W 250VAC single phase motor soldered on (with capacitor), so the disc sits on top of the motor, and the thing is that after an hour of so of being tested on continuous duty it stopped and started to smell like burnt. What could the problem be? Could it be a design problem since the motor has all that weight on top? Should I have used gears and pulleys? How can I make it last longer without it being to complex? 

If someone can help or has some ideas I'd appreciate it , thanks in advance!

Benkos M. G.



3 years ago

Depends on the spped of the motor (assuming you used the right capacitor.
Those toys don't spin fast and with the weight of the toy the motor might be over the limit.
If it smell bunrt from the motor you know what happened.
Try a fan motor from an old microwave or the water pump from a washing machine.
Add a pulley system (can be simple with rubber bands) to check if the speed is enough for your toy.
You don't want the motor to struggle and you don't want too much speed.


Reply 3 years ago

On a second thought an old cordless drill might be your best option ;)


Reply 3 years ago

Hello, as you say it does not require too much speed but even with that weight (I'd say around 15 kg) the motor used to spin it too fast but when in darkness and with a stroboscope on, it seemed slower (stroboscope are used so people can see the soccer ball she is kicking, which are painted on the mirror). The other thing is this should to be on exposition around 8 hours a day, those motors you mention (with the pulley system) can last at least for 4 of them continuously? Finally, thanks for reply!