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Night Vision Goggle Help. Also cable identification! Answered

 Hi Everyone,

I am trying to make my own night vision headset/goggles following this kiplay's guide.

I have a electric viewfinder from an old JVC GR-AX5 video camera. I have removed the viewfinder and dismantled it but I am not sure which of the 7 cables are, (i.e. ground, power, video etc). How would I identify this, and could you please go in-depth as I am not hugely experienced in electronics, but I am learning.

I have enclosed pictures, if that helps, but I do apologise for the poor quality.
As the picture is hard to tell, the cable colours are (not in this order); Black, white, red, redy/brown (i am unsure, i am colourblind), yellow, orangey and a pinky purply colur. 

How do I identify them?

On a second note, for anyone who has followed this tutorial, can you recommend a good camera to get in the UK?

Many thanks, and I hope someone can come through for me,




8 years ago

My best guess for the video would be the yellow wire. As for the power, look on the circuit board. Find the biggest connection(metal under the green) on the board that appears to connect to every other circuit on the board, that would be ground. The positive might be marked by the vinyl(white writing on the board) as a + sign.


9 years ago

What about reconnecting it to the original camcorder and use a meter/oscope to measure the most negative line (should be gnd - unless the viewfinder module uses + and - voltage) and then you should be able to measure which cable has a fixed potencial of > 3.3v. That might be vcc.

After that, you can probably find the video signal by using an oscilloscope and checking which cables shows an ntsc/pal-like wave.



Answer 9 years ago

 That sounds great and I appreciate you anwsering my questions. However, I have 2 problems with that :/. Firstly, a lot of what you said there flew right over my head and I don't think I have any of the things you recommended I use. Secondly, the batteries for the camera no longer charge properly, meaning I can't turn the camera on so that means testing it is difficult.

Any solutions to that?


9 years ago

.  Why not ask kiplay?