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Nintendo DS Lite Not Working Answered

So, I have had my Nintendo DS Lite for a few years and used to
play it a lot until 2011-2012. I finally decided to start playing it
again a few days ago when it stopped working. I know it isn't dead
because I charged it completely before trying to use it. When I turn
it on, the green light turns on but the screen remains black. Also,
the screen has turned on once or twice but it's currently not working.



4 years ago

Use a bright flash light on the screen and see if there is an image on it? If you can just make it out then the screen is fine but the back light is going bad/dead. Often the root cause is failing capacitors on the inverter. Problem is all the components are SMD so without experience with SMD soldering and desoldering you'll likely do more harm then good trying to fix it.