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Perfect battery?, deep cycle, SLA, help!? Answered


I am one of a group of people that has designed a mobile ice cream cart. 


We are currently using 6 of those 7.2 sla batteries. They are set up as a 24v system. But its not good. They are hard to charge. And have begun to swell.

We want two smallish deep cycle batteries, set on two battery chargers. Does anyone know a good place to purchase such batteries? Say, 25 or 30 A/hr. Are there batteries for trolling motors? How much should we expect to pay?

There are also larger SLA batteries, but I just don't think they are meant to be drains so deeply. (we play this thing for 12 hrs at a time)

Thanks in advance!




6 years ago

What was the load relative to the capacity again ? Arrays of batteries are notoriously hard to charge.


Answer 6 years ago

I have a sure 6x100 amp, running at 24v. I have six 7.2 Ah batteries, three in two banks. This runs for about 6 hours before the voltage starts dropping.


Answer 6 years ago

Once the voltage really starts to drop, you have next to no capacity left in a LA battery, you really have hammered these things at their absolute maximum ratings :-(

Consider that a slap on the wrist ;-)

Personally, I'd want to have enough juice to hold the load for more than 10 hours, and never use the capacity, using leisure/deep discharge batteries, and you could get 500 cycles from the rig. Source of batteries ? Tricky to advise you in Oregon, because I'm UK based. Local RV dealers ?