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Possible to hack a NST with sGFI? Answered

I'm having a really hard time finding an old neon sign transformer (NST) for high voltage (HV) experiments. Almost everything on craigslist is of the newer transformer that has the secondary ground fault protection. 

So is there a way to hack the new ones? 

I appreciate and thank you in advance for your help.



4 years ago

Hacking them is usually not an option as the inside is covered in resin.
However, checking for the transformers used in oil burners and ovens might help you.
The produce 7500-20000V depending on size and model and really give a damn about ground as they are old school wire transformers with no electronics.
Their power levels are good and they are used to produce a coninues spark, so no problem running like this.
You only need to add a spark gap so in case you have an open loop the voltage will jump over the spark gap instead of going too high and over the internal windings.
They run for hours before even getting warm :)


4 years ago

try amazon.

maybe google can help