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Recent changes are clunky, complicated, and a bit annoying. Answered

  • Let's start with the community:
    • Getting to community pages are complicated- There should be access from the front page.
    • There is no over all community, each one is segregated. There should be a "general," page for things like website concerns, over all information, etc.
  • Moving on to the website:
    • There are no "All," options to view all the updates/feeds.
      • I understand the defined feeds were sought to give clear access to each ordered category, but it's far too many channels or feeds to follow.
    • How are "Featured," and "Editor's Picks," actually chosen or defined?
    • Having to go to the "Feed" tab to fill it up is annoying.
      • If we are forced to use this clearly not wanted "Feed," feature, allow us the ability to follow a category from the category's page. (It's there in the Author's\Member's section so it's clearly available)

Over all? Unimpressed. The basic usage of the site seems to be gone in an attempt to be "hip and cool."

Please bring back the "All," option so we don't need to follow 200+ feeds to just see all the really cool things the members create.



2 months ago

And well, if we would be able to actuall find topic then we wouldn't have another and almost identical complaint in a new topic ;)
Just shows how fed up the users are becoming from all these nice updates and improvements we get on a regular base now.