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Simple question, about sla battery's. Answered

Hello I'll jump right in I have 4 12v 15ah battery's in series (48v) going to a controller.
i want to add another 12v 15ah battery to bring it to 60v 15ah but I want to be able to switch from 48v too 60v via a press switch.
basically I am building a Boost button for my bike, increase voltage increase speed etc 
could one of you kind people help me iv got an idea about how it would work but I was hoping someone here with the know how could clarify, 



4 years ago

What you'll want to do is use a voltage regulator to take that 60V and drop it to 48V. Otherwise you'll have a single battery with a different charge level then the rest which can cause problems when trying to charge the. Then you can place a selector switch in the system to either run off the regulator or straight from the batteries. Problem is getting a regulator that can handle the power draw of the motor.


4 years ago

Use a SPDT ==> Single Pole Double Throw switch.

Quick draw for you, but I would do the boost switch on the positive end of the batteries instead of the negative side :)