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Strobe light modification! need faster. Answered


I am working on a project and would like to know if you can assist me with a specific modification. I have a regular, medium size LED strobe light in which I need to increase the amount of times it flashes, so much that the human eye cannot detect the flashing. Please advise if you can help. 

Thank you for your time and have a prosperous day,


Jack A Lopez

9 years ago

What is this "medium size LED strobe light" of yours? 

Is it not a gas-filled strobe tube, the kind that produces blinding white flashes, like the kind used for a camera flash.

Is it a truly a LED, or a cluster of LEDs?

Is there some sort of circuit driving this LED or LEDs?

A picture, or circuit diagram, might be helpful, unless you just want me dream up something from scratch. 

BTW, how fast do you want this thing to flash, i.e. how many times per second? Maybe just above the threshold of noticeable flickering?   With what duty cycle? i.e.  [Ton/(Ton+Toff)]


9 years ago

 it's been a long time since i worked with electronics but i think what you want is a 555 timer and potentiometer kit.  I think there's like a $3 LED kit i've used before of course you would need to step up the resistors and such to account for the increased power consumption of the strobe light. someone else can probably help you more when you get a multimeter and take some readings.