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Threading and pitch for Microphone mount nut or stem? Answered

Does anyone out there know the threading and pitch for a standard condenser mic stem? I lost my mounting nut and even the manufacturer won't provide the info I need.
It's a Presonus M7. It should have a standard threaded stem as most universal mounts fit it.

I know it's metric, Possibly an M20 or M22 with a #1 pitch.

Anyone know for sure?



Best Answer 2 years ago

A simple way to tell if it is 20 mm or 22 mm is to wrap a piece of paper around the threads and mark it where it overlaps. Lay it flat and measure edge to mark.

2.75”” = 22 mm

2.5” = 20 mm

Good old Pi x D = C


Answer 2 years ago

Thanks for the tip. Now to just find a place that actually sells #1 pitch nuts in that size.


Answer 2 years ago

My first stop would be a ticket with Presonus to see if they have a nut available. Go to Contact Technical Support. The Forum answer I found said the same thing.

Before you buy, count the threads to make sure they are 1.0. Metric is pitch, which is point to point threads per millimeter https://www.boltdepot.com/fastener-information/measuring/tpiandpitch.aspx. So a 1.0 will have 25 And 1/2 threads (25.4) in an inch (or figure the fraction you can measure and the count for that distance).

Yep, M22 x 1.0 is a tough nut to crack…sorry, I couldn’t help myself. One place that has nuts individually available and spec’d at M22 x P1.0 is Ebay. They are ZETA STEERING STEM NUT M22X30-P1.0 or M22X27-P1.0 (Ebay search M22 1.0 nut). It took me a while to figure out the 30 and 27, but that is the steering stem nut wrench size. They are pricy for a nut but castle nuts were even worse. I would double check the spec with the seller before buying.

Good hunting.