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Using Halogen light transformer to run LED lamp? Answered

Hi all, I have the following problem:
I'm trying to use the electronic halogen light transformer to run with an LED lamp that came off an emergency lighting unit. THe Lamp works fine off a 12v battery but when connected to this transformer (and a rectifier with a capacitor) both the lamp and the transformer get really hot. THe transformer outputs 11.6v at 4.9A. 
It seems like the lamp is drawing all the current it can take from the transformer but it doesnt when connected to the battery?
Whats going on here?
THanks for all your imput!



3 years ago

Those transformers need a minimum load to operate properly, in your case 20VA.
I doubt your LED will use that much...
The result is a badly stabilized output voltage.
And if it is 11.6V AC the resulting DC would be too much for your LED.

Either get a proper LED driver or use a different power supply - with your halogen transformer you will be out of luck.


3 years ago

you need a current limit, the battery output is probably not enough to run the led fully, the transformer output is high enough to turn theled on fully and more. You're lucky the led still works