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What is a rating? Answered

I was sorting out my favourites and I noticed there was a rating on some of them.
Who rates content?
What does it do?
When can I rate something?
Where are the people that rate stuff?
Why should I take notice of ratings?
How can I rate an Instructable?
I have attached a screenshot.



Best Answer 4 years ago

There used to be a rating system for instructables. You could rate them from 1 to 5, 5 being the best. So if you really liked something you could give it a 5 rating and then that would get averaged with the ratings of everyone else. My older instructables have ratings still, most of them in the 4 range and a couple of 5's. However there arose a problem. If someone entered an instructable into a contest and another member in the contest wanted to keep it from getting noticed he, and his friends would all rate it as 1. This would drop the average and make it less likely that people would look at it. So it was a bit unfair. And as a result it was replaced with the favorite button instead. It eliminated the negative feedback and also the unfair biasing.

Although ---- it was encouraging if someone gave you good ratings. People have a way of screwing up good things though. I used to give 5's to new members who just published, unless it was totally awful, which does sometimes happen. But that way it gave them an incentive to keep going and publish more.

Just thinking about it, they could create a rating system again but make it so that only select members could give ratings. That would eliminate the childish part and make it more accurate and based on the actual instructable rather than a personality thing.


Answer 4 years ago


Well put Vyger, I agree and signify by typing a +1

Our version of the "Like button"


Answer 4 years ago

Thanks for the informative reply, I think it would be neat if they were brought back in!