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Where can I find large seven segment displays? Answered

My neighbor wants me to make a scoreboard for his ping pong table, but I'm having difficulty finding something to use as the display.  Seeed Studio has some, http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/7-Segment-Display-8-Inches-Red-p-1194.html, but they come in individual segments.  Sparkfun has some as well, but they're on a tan colored PCB.  Where's the cheapest place to find 6"+ displays on a black background?



4 years ago

cheap? probably not BUT there is a way to DIY. You can make this as big as you need.

Cut 7 rectangles of clear acrylic. On the back edge make a slot and glue in an LED.

Mount the acrylic edge on in a suitable wooden box and wire the LEDS with a common anode or common cathode depending on your driver.

When the LED is lit it will illuminate the entire edge of the acrylic - just like a segment in a 7 seg display.

We made these at school a few times for big displays.

7 Seg.jpg

4 years ago

If you want them on a PCB with a Black solder mask you'll need to have the PCBs made and solder the displays onto them. Of buy what you can, mask it and paint it black.