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Why is my published ible not appearing? Answered

I published an Intructable several days ago but it's only visible via my personal page - not in the "Technology" or "Electronics" categories which I chose.

(I realise this question has been asked here before but all the topics are years old.)

Have I tripped the filters or has it fallen through the cracks?

The title is "Oscilloscope in a Matchbox" but it's not found by a search for "Oscilloscope".

.All the best,





9 months ago

Hi Peter,

Everything appears as expected from what I can see. It's not stuck in any filters and in a search for "oscilloscope" on the site here, I see it about 60 projects down on the list. From the recent Technology category (https://www.instructables.com/technology/recent/) I see it in spot 15. We just featured it too, so it will show up at the top of the featured list soon. If it's still not showing for you, I'd recommend cache/cookie clear, fresh browser session, logging out/back in.

Peter Balchseamster

Reply 9 months ago

Thanks, I guess I just didn't wait long enough. When I "published" it, I didn't get the dancing robot that I remember, so I was worried it might have gone wrong.

And thank you very much for featuring it. I think it might be that all except one of my Instructables have been featured. Which certainly encourages me to try even harder next time.

All the best,