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cell phone call incdicator Answered

i use a bluetooth headset at work.  problem is, no one can tell when  i'm on the phone. 
i need a simple light to go on when the call comes in, and go off when i hang up.  simple, right?
i have an iphone.
i tried one of those light-up keychain fobs, but they don't work on 3G.  don't really know what they work on anymore.
i tried a simple manual light switch, but that was too cumbersome.

i'm thinking that it should probably be something like a bluetooth - oriented thing, or possibly something that can plug into either the power port or headphone port of the iphone.

any ideas?



9 years ago

Find an old phone, second-hand and cheap. Remove the handset and wave it about when people come near you (on a call). Or it they don't get it pretend you're using it.



9 years ago

if you used bluetooth then you'd have to develop an app to turn the light on/off. if you just did bluetooth detection (i.e. if you see a signal turn the light on) it would always be on anytime an active bluetooth signal was near it

googeling "bluetooth light switch" comes up with some results...looks like some of the main home automation groups are putting out bluetooth devices