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redsn0w jailbreak issues (6.1.3)? Answered

Hello, recently I updated my iPod touch 4th gen to the newest update (6.1.3) And of course I wanted to jailbreak it. I've been stuck on 4.x for a while now and I wanted to install some packages that were 5.x+ only.
So I did some research on the status of  a jailbreak on 6.1.3 and I found one. http://www.evasionjailbreak.com/jailbreak-6.1.3-semi-untethered-ios-on-iphone-4-3gs-ipod-touch-4g/
So after going through the steps, (downloading the 6.0 ipsw, and readying up redsn0w, ect. ect) I jailbroke and rebooted my device. It worked perfectly. So I went about installing the usual must-haves for any jailbroken device. Bytafont, Fakecarrier, Activator, iFile, Colorkeyboard, openssh, Iconoclasm and a few others.
At that point it was still working fine. I was kind of proud of myself. Then I installed a theme and forgot It required Winterboard, so I found and installed it. It was still working fine until I had to respring to show the theme. that's when the device rebooted (instead of  a respring) and I assume the springboard crashed. I was somewhat expecting that to happen, so I went to boot the device again through redsn0w. After I put the device into DFU mode it rebooted, but with the vanilla apple logo and without the redsn0w pineapple logo. I thought that was weird and I unlocked the device. (it still has the font and the different keyboard i installed.) I then went straight to Winterboard to try at getting that theme working again, but now it crashes when I open it. i then went to boot it though redsn0w once more and now it gets an error that says exploit failed. the device won't go back into the other jailbroken state any more and  redsn0w keeps getting the exploit failed message. Just looking for some insight on what might be wrong. i can format the ipod and reinstall everything but i don't have the time now.  any suggestions on what to do?



Best Answer 6 years ago

As with most things of this level of complexity -- probably best to just start over...restore and rejailbreak it.


Answer 6 years ago

Yeah, I thought so. I think i should hold out on winterboard until a more stable version is released. Would rather have a sexy-looking ipod than an nonfunctional paperweight. lol


6 years ago

Just an addition to that, The iPod works perfectly fine I can use all the vanilla features just fine. it's just any of the packages that i added that get their own icon on the springboard that crash when opened(including cydia).