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ArtCAM Premium is a single solution for designing and making with CNC in the woodworking industry. Subscribe to our full ArtCAM Premium software package here! If you have any questions, or want to learn more, visit our online forum community!

ArtCAM Premium allows complex reliefs (ArtCAM 3D models) to be created quickly and easily from 2D vectors (ArtCAM Wireframe) or bitmaps (Image files). These vectors and bitmaps can be generated within ArtCAM or imported from other systems. ArtCAM can also import 3D Surface data, which is translated on entry or after as a Relief model. ArtCAM contains tools for editing the reliefs and combining stored reliefs. Once a 3D relief has been created, toolpaths can be generated to machine it. Multiple toolpaths are easily generated for roughing, finishing and engraving. The toolpaths can then be simulated to allow complete visualization of the product before machining. This course will cover all the basics you need to know to create projects in ArtCAM Premium!

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Lesson 1: Introduction to ArtCAM Premium

To start this class, we'll take a look at a simple project, from beginning to end, to give you an introduction to ArtCAM Premium.

Lesson 2: Vector Creation

In this Lesson, we will learn how to create vector shapes in ArtCAM Premium.

Lesson 3: Vector Editing

This lesson will focus on editing vectors creating using our basic vector tools.

Lesson 4: 2D Machining

This lesson will serve as an introduction to creating tool path in ArtCAM Premium, by focusing on 2D Machining.

Lesson 5: Relief Creation

We will take a look at the various methods of relief creation in this lesson,

Lesson 6: Relief Editing

In this lesson, we will learn about the relief editing tools in ArtCAM Premium.

Lesson 7: 3D Machining

In this lesson, we will take a deeper look at creating tool path in ArtCAM Premium, with ArtCAM's 3D machining tool paths.

Lesson 8: Advanced Modeling

In this lesson, we will take a deeper look at some of the more advanced modeling tools in ArtCAM Premium.

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