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The Pier 9 Workshop is excited to share our full roster of Machine Training Curriculum on Instructables. Each class was developed over 5 years of hands-on collaboration with industry experts. We hope the knowledge we've gathered here will help any level of user be successful in a workshop. Even if you are not an Instructables member, free PDF downloads of all our machine manuals are available here.

This class covers the safe operation of the DMS 5-Axis Enclosed Router Model: 5O5-5-5-36S found at the Pier 9 Workshop. The DMS is an advanced CNC manufacturing tool capable of milling complex 3 dimensional parts in a variety of materials.

This basic operations class is part of the CNC Learning Path at Pier 9, and is suitable for students with CNC experience. Each class is a building block to the next. Wood Shop experience, Shopbot CNC router experience, and CNC 2 and CNC 3 are required before taking this class. After students complete this course at Pier 9, they are encouraged to practice their new skills with a hands-on exercise, the DMS Certification Part.

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Lesson 1: Getting Started With the DMS CNC Router

Get started with the DMS, learn where all the panels are located, and go over key safety features.

Lesson 2: DMS Controller and Display Panel

The controller and display panel help you program the DMS as well as control it during the machine's operation.

Lesson 3: Tools and Tool Holders

There is an 8-position tool rack in the DMS. This lesson goes over how to select and install tools, as well as callibrate them.

Lesson 4: Workholding and Offsets

Stabilizing your material's position in the work bed is key to a high quality and safe cut job. Learn how to offset your material to ensure proper machine calibration.

Lesson 5: Running Programs on the DMS

By installing and running programs on the DMS, you are able to machine your dimensional material into it's desired form.

Lesson 6: Operating the DMS Router

Recap for how to run the machine and a few more tips and tricks to get you the best results on the DMS. This lesson also includes a free PDF download of this class to use in your shop.

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