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FeatureCAM automates your workflow from design to NC Code, reducing programming time and producing consistent results for CNC Milling, turning, and wire applications. In this class, we will build upon the FeatureCAM Standard class, and take a look at using FeatureCAM Premium to program a variety of milling parts, ranging from simple 3D parts, to more 5-axis parts. While this class is meant to familiarize you with the details of programming parts in FeatureCAM Premium, the main objective of this class is to teach you the workflow of programming parts in FeatureCAM Premium. Focusing on the workflow as opposed to specific tools and details in the software will ensure the smoothest possible transition between programming parts in this class, and confidently taking what you've learned into your own shop.

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Basic 3D Milling

Lesson 1: Basic 3D Milling

In this lesson, we will take a look at programming basic 3D surface milling features from a solid model.

Basic 3D Milling

Basic 3D Milling Started

Intermediate 3D Milling

Lesson 2: Intermediate 3D Milling

In this lesson, we will take a deeper look at programming 3D surface milling features from a solid model.

Intermediate 3D Milling

Intermediate 3D Milling Started

Introduction to 3+2 Milling

Lesson 3: Introduction to 3+2 Milling

In this lesson, we will program our first 5-axis part, utilizing FeatureCAM's 5-axis positional, or '3+2' machining capabilities.

Introduction to 3+2 Milling

Introduction to 3+2 Milling Started

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