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The Pier 9 Workshop is excited to share our full roster of Machine Training Curriculum on Instructables. Each class was developed over 5 years of hands-on collaboration with industry experts. We hope the knowledge we've gathered here will help any level of user be successful in a workshop. Even if you are not an Instructables member, free PDF downloads of all our machine manuals are available here.

The Manual Lathe is a metal and woodshop tool that spins a workpiece about an axis of rotation while performing various cutting operations to create an object with symmetry about that axis.

This class is the most advanced class in a greater course series covering Metal Shop safety procedures and equipment. In this course series you will learn how to safely operate and adjust machines to cut, shape, and drill metal.

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We are a multidisciplinary team of innovators, fabricators and industry leaders who partner with our shop users to facilitate their diverse projects in a collaborative and supportive learning environment using state-of-the-art machines and technologies. With backgrounds in architecture, engineering, fabrication, furniture making, art, design, and exhibit development, we’re passionate about educating and empowering our local and online communities with our extensive Machine Training Curriculum and technical expertise.


Lesson 1: Getting Started With the Manual Lathe

This lesson goes over the anatomy of the manual lathe, as well as basic safety and approved materials for machining.

Getting Started With the Manual Lathe Started

Lesson 2: Lathe Basics

Learn the basic operations of the lathe including the control panel, carriage and tailstock.

Lathe Basics Started

Lesson 3: Using the Digital Readout

Use the digital readout for easy measuring and precise part creation.

Using the Digital Readout Started

Lesson 4: Collets and Chucks

Learn the best methods for securing small and large workpieces.

Collets and Chucks Started

Lesson 5: Speed and Cutting

Using the right speed for a given material will help you cut safely and accurately.

Speed and Cutting Started

Lesson 6: Operating the Manual Lathe

How to run the machine for all kinds of materials and a few more tips and tricks to get you the best results on the manual lathe. This lesson also includes a free PDF download of this class to use in your shop.

Operating the Manual Lathe Started

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