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The Pier 9 Workshop is excited to share our full roster of Machine Training Curriculum on Instructables. Each class was developed over 5 years of hands-on collaboration with industry experts. We hope the knowledge we've gathered here will help any level of user be successful in a workshop. Even if you are not an Instructables member, free PDF downloads of all our machine manuals are available here.

TIG welding uses tungsten, inert gas and weld rods to produce precise and attractive welds in steel and aluminum.

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Lesson 1: Getting Started With the TIG Welder

Get started with the TIG welder, learn where all the panels and switches are located, and go over key safety features.

Lesson 2: TIG Fire Safety

There are many safety precautions to consider when TIG Welding.

Lesson 3: Torch and Tungsten

The tungsten electrode directs electricity into your base metal. The tungsten will need to be resharpened if dipped into the weld pool.

Lesson 4: TIG Settings for Steel and Aluminum

It is important to adjust your settings for to your material and its thickness.

Lesson 5: Tips for Great TIG Welds

Becoming a good welder will take many hours of practice.

Lesson 6: Operating the TIG Welder

Recap of how to run the welder and a few parting tips and tricks to get you the best results. This lesson also includes a free PDF download of this class to use in your shop.

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