Introduction: Cold Porcelain Clay

Cold porcelain(CP) is very an air dry clay made mainly of cornstarch.

It is a smooth, soft clay which dries to a translucent effect hence used by many artists mainly to sculpt flowers or cute figures. Many artists who have trouble with polymer clay mainly due to arthritis or other joint problems turn to cold porcelain.

The cold porcelain clay is called so since when it dries has a porcelain kind of look.

After many trials and errors I have settled down with this homemade recipe to give a smooth, soft and easy to model clay.

Step 1: Cooking the Clay

This recipe will give you a cup of CP

1cup cornstarch

3/4 cup wood glue. Use good quality Carpenter's Glue...the clay quality depends on the glue quality.

1 tsp Vicks - This acts as moisturizer and the essential oils in it prevent molding

2tsp vineger

1tsp glycerin

keep 1/4 cup water handy to add when and as needed.

Step 2:

Put all the wet ingredients in a cooking vessel.

Stir in the cornstarch little by little to give a smooth paste.

Step 3:

Turn on the heat. Keep the heat on low.

Keep stirring constantly.

After some time the the paste looks thicker.....we are not yet done, the arms need more exercise- so keep stirring.

Stir thoroughly to prevent any clumping or sticking to the bottom of the vessel.

Step 4: Final Steps and Storing.

At one point the mixture changes its color from white to translucent and the mixture appears no longer shiny.

At this point take off the mixture off the heat and pour it out on a greased kneading platform. CAREFUL! it is hot.

Start kneading the dough with the heel f your palm for at least 5 minutes. This is a very important step.

It will form into a smooth and softish clay. Depending on the water loss It may get too stiff in that case add a few drops of water. Too much water addition will get it cracking whilst drying. So the lesser the water you can use the better is the outcome.

Roll the clay into a ball and store it in an airtight container or cling wrap it and put it in a box.

Kept in the fridge will be useable to unto 4 months, I haven't storing any longer as that.

This is a basic recipe for white CP.

it can be colored either by adding food color to the clay itself or the finished dried project could be colored on using various colors like acrylic, pastel chalks etc.

It can be glazed with varnish.

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