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'Most X on record' climate list? Answered

Does anyone know if there's a list/graph of the 'Most -whatever- on record' for the world, season by season?

What I mean is, countries recording their hottest summer, wettest winter, worst drought, etc.

I ask because it would give a pretty striking visual for climate change. It seems everywhere I spend any time it's the most something season on record, or at least for 40-50 years.

Here's a little list I compiled a couple years ago, from where I'd been:

2002 - summer - New Zealand - worst drought on record
         - summer - Western Australia - worst drought on record
         - spring - Malaysia - hottest on record
         - winter - Ireland - wettest on record
         - autumn - Ireland - mildest
2003 - summer - Australia - worst drought
         - summer - United Kingdom - hottest summer, hottest day
         - summer - New Zealand - highest UV index
2004 - summer - British Columbia - longest
         - summer and autumn - British Columbia - worst fire season
2005 - winter and spring - Victoria, Australia- wettest
         - summer - Australian east coast - hottest
         - summer - Western Australia - coolest

Since then it's been worst droughts, floods, cyclones, wettest summers, and now snow.

If it hasn't been graphed, it should be.


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10 years ago

Extensively written Almanacs may also contain this information.

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Start here (click):



10 years ago

.  I'll bet 0.05 USD that someone in the Climate Change/Global Warming debate has collected and graphed that data.