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!! Any ideas of what i could do with my iPod !! Answered

So heres the deal guys, i have an older ipod video that i've had for a few years and just recently the bottom female connection for the cable has broken. . ( my story continues below i just didnt wanna bored you with it at the beginning) anywayss I'm looking for anything that i could do with the spare parts i have!! if anyone knows anything cool that i could do with the parts i listed down below please give me a hout i'd really appreciate it :) I TOOK IT APART AND THIS IS WHAT I GOT: -housing (full) -board( accept the bottom female connector) -screen -the HardDrive (60gb) & -the Battery so pretty much everything hahaha ! heres my story continued as promised : took it apart and noticed that someone and completely destroyed all the small components inside :(, i dont really wanna pay 170$ for the new board and i cant find the seperate part so heres the deal:


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