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-Hi dear friends! I'm here, home too... I would like to ask a question about the connections of dc motor. May I ? Answered

   Here in instructables, I saw a " pringles wind turbine" . I'm also looking for making sth. like that. Over there, all is ok. But, our friend doesn't tell us how we connect that wires. All is fine. We stick magnetson a cd;  and these wire rounds, to an other cd. But, after this point, we don't know how we connect wires together. After, diode connection, and battery connection. 
   Can you please tell me how I have to connect all of these tinks together and have electric? Thanks for your helps from the beginning.            Devrimm

pc: My English isn't perfect. So, I prefer some pictures while answering my question...


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11 years ago

Read sections 9 and 10, they look pretty clear to me. There is a template too, showing the layout.