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'02 Prius: Create AUX audio input Answered

My Prius is still cruising along fine. But, I tire of messing around with FM transmitters to get my audio into the radio/audio system. I purchased mine with a 6 CD changer, so I know there's a way to add audio in. [The changer died after 2.5 years: Toyota said $300 to send it off to CA and get someone else's refurbished device back. No thanks.]

I see all the newer cars with an AUX audio input jack. I'd like to put in such and/or a Bluetooth input.

I went to a local car audio store and they said $450 to add it in. Bleah!
Anyone done this or know how? [This is the original body style, not the newer, fastback style.]


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

Where is the CD changer located? I am kind of guessing it is in the trunk. Just a guess. A friend of mine has a Prius, about the same age I think, and I do not recall there being a lot of room in the dashboard.

Honestly, the method of piping in audio via an FM transmitter, seems simple to me, compared to hacking your CD changer.

It seems to me the tricky part with that, is the signals being sent back and forth between the CD changer box in the trunk, and the whatyoucallit, the user interface that is up, on the car's dashboard. I mean the command and response signals. The audio signals are probably just ordinary analog audio.

I think the only thing advantageous about cutting into wires, at the CD changer, is those wires will be in a place easy to get to; i.e. the trunk. That is compared to having to take the whole dashboard apart.

Of course you have to actually know, or have ways to discover, what those wires going into the CD changer actually do, before contemplating some way to hack the thing.

I have noticed there are other discussions out there, about just replacing the stereo.

I noticed a forum called, priuschat.com,


Also YouTube, very often you can find videos of peoples doing things to their cars, on teh Youtube. Perhaps a search for the phrase,

"2002 prius stereo install"


I dunno. You must truly be tired of, "messing around with FM transmitters"

I am sure you also tire of these plural-hundreds-of-dollars quotes for repair work. Those numbers seem shocking to me as well. Perhaps installing car stereos in Priuses pays better than being a doctor or lawyer? Ha! ;-)


2 years ago

I would just get a $30 face plate and a cheap stereo with BT, handsfree and all.
Did exactly that the other week in a Toyota Swift and worked just fine.
With an adapter plug/cable even without any wiring headaches...
Total costs: $72AU ;)