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10 DIY Gifts for Friends and Family Answered

I wrote an article for Popular Mechanics about making your own gifts, titled 10 DIY Gifts for Friends and Family, that features some great gift Instructables.

You're the type of person who likes getting his hands dirty fixing, servicing, and building your home, car, and garage hobbies. Why wouldn't you do the same with holiday gifts? Not only is a handmade gift more economical, but recipients will cherish something you have made above something store-bought. So, with lower costs, the prospect of genuine "this is really cool" thank yous, and some homebuilding fun in mind, let's get started on a DIY holiday. From my project-sharing Web site, Instructables.com, here are five DIY gifts for a dad, brother or fellow PM reader, and five less-expensive (time and money!) DIY gifts for the rest of the friends and family.


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12 years ago

Oh yes, I just saw this posted elsewhere (now where did I see it) I thought the projects looked familiar :-) I really like that knife holder....normal blocks take up so much counter space, and we don't have it to spare in my apt.