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100 volt ac motor Answered

I have a Sony 100 volt AC motor and would like to use it with 120 volts.  Can anyone give me some advise?
The motor came out of a Sony tape recorder.


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6 years ago

It depends on the type of motor you have.

Most motors that don't have a capaicitor attatched can be regulated with a dimmer designed for fans and motors, quite cheap at the hardware store.

Other alternative is build a PWN controller with a NE555 and a power transistor/mosfet rated for the voltage of the motor.

As variable transformers are quite commun in the US to run stuff from other parts of the worls you could try one of them too if it allows to get the voltage down too.

But if it has a capacitor you will be at a complete loss.

Running it for very short times on 120V should not harm it though, coninues use will cause overheating.


Reply 6 years ago

Thanks for the reply. I will try building a controller. Thanks again!