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10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Answered

Attention all Doctor Who fans! Here is something that ought to get you all thinking - the 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver (which works in the dark... heh heh, get it? Only Whovians would get that...). The original idea came from my youngest brother, who is a big Doctor Who fan, and while this "replica" is not very accurate (it is hard to get very accurate with such K'NEX pieces as I have), it does look pretty good all the same. What do you guys think?

-The Red Book of Westmarch



5 years ago

Cool! Don't go overboard with modded pics though, they sometimes mask things that people may need to see in order to get your point.

There is only one modified pic here, dude? It is clearly visible, is it not? Does it not show the whole project? I guess I don't get what you mean.

I know, I know! No beef dude. Just be careful with where you place them. They are good, just use them sparingly. Hope I don't sound mean.

No, no, no, you don't sound mean, I just don't get you....? Why shouldn't I use them? I just don't understand... I think they look great, what is wrong with using them? Haha, what is even going on?

Yes, they do look great I must say! However they may misguide people.

For example; imagine you're walking down the street and a colorful ad catches your eye. The product, which in this case is a new Nerf Gun, is depicted with beautiful shades of orange, blue, and yellow. Coincidentally, these are your favorite colors, and you are very excited about the product. You call and order one right away, not minding the fact that the gun costs $40. You eagerly await the arrival of your package.

When the package arrives via FedEx you can hardly contain your excitement. You have been waiting weeks for the delivery and nothing is more important to you than playing with your new Nerf Gun. Upon opening the package, however, you are devastated to see that instead of the cheery orange, blue, and yellow colors depicted in the ad, the gun is a boring shade of gray, with only a few lines of black to break the pattern. Desperately, you look at the box, and eventually see the small print saying "product colors may vary." You are now outraged that you wasted money on something you didn't even want! You proceed to shoot yourself in the head with the very Nerf gun that brought you so much misery.

I hope my little novella here will shed some light on what I'm trying to say, your pictures are good, but use them in a way that will not misguide people.

Sorry for the long comment! :/

What's going on? Um... Lemme think... NASCAR? XD

If you will allow me to "geek out" here, I'll take my place as a debater and explain why your argument is invalid / doesn't make sense.

In the first place (again, excuse me here, I am geek-ing out), when it come to K'NEX stuff, colors don't matter one way or the other. You can build a gun with yellow connectors or with grey connectors (provided you have the correct amount), and the gun will still function the same. That also applies to Nerf guns, no matter what color the gun is, it will (if correctly made) still operate fine, and the color doesn't mater (as already stated).

Sorry for sounding argumentative... I don't mean to be. =D

Well, ok, but I think you took my story too literally... What I was trying to say was that people can be misguided and think that things are something they are not if the picture of it is altered. I'm not saying everyone, as most people can tell what's real and what's not, but there are always those gullible few...

I'm not trying to start a debate here, (sorry for the disappointment), so I'll leave it at that, and as a final word I'll just warn you not to use more modified pictures than normal pictures in a presentation, so as not to fool the "gullible few" I mentioned earlier. All I'm trying to say is: be careful.

No strain here though,


Sure, I understand you, and thanks for the advice. I will be sure to keep it in mind (wheather I will follow it is a different matter, as I still see no reason why I should not use modded pics. After all, DarkOwlProductions did it all the time and nobody cared).


5 years ago

Your filters are bad and you should feel bad. Also this is cool I guess? I don't know what it is cuz I'm not on that Dr. Who grind

What filters? Why should I feel bad? What the flip are you even talking about? XD

Yeah, I am not nesscarily a HUGE Doctor Who fan, but I enjoy the episodes.


5 years ago

Looking pretty sweet Red! Sometimes its good to take a break from the world of K'nex guns! :-)


5 years ago

that's impressive i like it!


XD, it really is pretty bad, it is not very accurate looking after all, and the version I have now it much better. You a Whovian?