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12v timer to run a 12v dehumidifier for a few hours per day Answered

I have a 80 w  solar panel on my caravan, wired to a 12 v leisure battery 110 amp.
my question is how do I get  a 12 v  dehumidifier  to run for 2 or 3  hours per day on a timer. 
unable to run continuous as not enough solar power yet as it is still winter.
I have a basic knowledge  in electronics.
I have not got 240 v available
any help would be welcome  
thanks in anticipation.  


rickharrisJosehf Murchison

Answer 2 years ago

Very confusing because the back shows an AC symbol and the label says 12 volt power - 240 volt 16 amp

I assume this to mean 12 AC power supply but capable of switching up to 16 amps 240 volts AC. I wonder how many get 240 volts put across the supply to them.

click on image for full size.

Josehf Murchisonrickharris

Answer 2 years ago

If you scroll down to product description working voltage 12 volts, Load capacity that is the switch load maximum, resistive load,16 amps 250 volts AC, lagging load 10 amps 250 volts AC, lamp load 2000 watts.

The switch should run 12 volt 16 or 10 amp appliances quite well.

cossiemJosehf Murchison

Answer 2 years ago

thank you the 240 v had me wondering if this one was ok

will order one and try it

thanks again