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1,574 (large) Gin and tonics Answered

This has been troubling me a bit:
After watching Comic Strip Presents - Complete Collection [DVD] (I got it from HMV)
I wondered about a segment from Mr Jolly Lives Next Door -

In the film, the pair Mayall & Edmonson order 1,574 (large) Gin and tonics in a "traditional old-English illegal-drinking establishment" called The Neon Tee Pee.
(Script can't be found, or un-blocked video clips any more)

The thought occurred to me "How much did one large G&T cost then?"
We know that they had no money at all before receiving a brown envelope stuffed with bank notes.
The brown envelope should have contained £3000 and I'll assume that it did.
In being exact about the quantity of G&Ts, I conclude that they knew exactly how much money they had, and how much the drink cost. If follows that all the £3000 was counted, why leave any in the van if you're going for that much alcohol?
Later the £3000 is acknowledged, but 2 pound notes remain.
At a maximum of £2998, 1574 G&Ts work out at £1.90 each which sounds reasonable for 1983. But that leaves £7.40, and the £2 of course.
What did they do with the £7.40, what was the £2 for, why did they not ask for 1578? Cigarettes? And if so, how many?

Or is there some special significance to 1574?




8 years ago

. A Q&D search of the web didn't turn up any significance to 1574 that I could see, but I did stumble across this.


Reply 8 years ago

I was for thinking about rather than researching. However, thanks.