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15W laser Answered

Help help help! Ive just fitted a 15w laser to my cnc 3018 and I cant get the laser to switch to low power mode. It just wants to burn everything! How do I fix it? Ive attached two pictures, one of the laser and one of the board. The board is a woodpecker GRBLO 9. Please if anyone can help me I would be eternally great full.



1 year ago

You may have a couple of problems, I would not think the amount of power from a 15 watt laser is one of them.

Your laser is probably not focused. The beam that comes out is a cone shape and can be adjusted by either raising or lowering the work piece or adjusting the focus ring one the aperture. It needs to be adjusted to the smallest possible beam size on your work piece.

You could also be running your machine feed rate too slowly. Speed it up an try again.

I regularly cut paper with a 100 watt machine by winding the speed up, it doesn't catch on fire unless it is out of focus.

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