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1920's Themed Custom Drum Kit Build Answered

Hi There everyone, i'm new to instructables so i thought id post a threat here first, before maybe making a main article, shown here is a link to one of my projects, an entirely custom built 1920's inspired drum kit, all parts made by me other than the skins ofcouse ;)


The link is to an entry on mine and a friends blog where theres a few more details of the project as well as lots of other things we get up to so check it out if your interested!

Feel free to comment critique and ask any questions, and if you like it or anything else maybe i'll write up a proper article on it,
Cheers, Tom
In sunny Bristol in the UK ;)


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7 years ago

Homemade shells and hardware too? Post a video so we can hear the tone.


Reply 7 years ago

Hi, Yes the shells and hardware was all made by me, i'll have to see about getting it out for a video, it got put away for more space for more projects! i find i have more fun making the things than i ever do using them :L