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19v to 12v, 16.7a continuous in as small a space as possible. Answered

I have a 19v source from an AC/DC adapter, i need to output a 12v source at up to 200w continuous in as small of a physical space as possible. I have a tight spot i need to fit it. I have approx. 1"x1"x5" of space available. I'd prefer if all inputs and outputs were on the same side (one of the short sides).

The 12v output needs to have low ripple, it will be powering ATX compliant circuit boards.

If anyone knows of a product that already does this, i'm all for just buying something. I did a little searching, but everything that works is too big.


Sean Crees


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1 year ago

Not even a car PC psu of that power level will make it into your space requirements I'm afraid.
Simple buck converters won't do either as the output is far from what a cumputer would require.
I guess you need a bit more space....