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2 projects, 2 questions. help? Answered

Hi everybody i have 2 new projects i am working on, and i had some questions about them:

1-wirelessly (bluetooth) controlled LED
So this is more or less a starter project, i just got a new laptop with bluetoth and i want to experiment, i figured being able to turn an led on and off via bluetooth would be a good start.

2-Webcam that fits in a PCMCIA slot filler card
I think that this project has a better chance of actually being finished than the one above...
along with my new laptop, i got one that had a broken screen, it also had a built in webcam. (acer travelmate 5530, the bottom will be used in some other project)
I removed the webcam and later i had the thought that maybe it was thin enough to fit in a pcmcia slot. almost. the question here is if i sanded down the plastic parts on the top of the lens (not the lens itself, there is a bit of plastic that bevels around the lens) to the point where it would be thin enough, could someone help me find a pinout of the webcam? all i know is that its usb 2.0, but the connector has 5 wires, 2 of them are ground, but the data + and - and vcc are unknown, the wire colors are different than a normal usb color code.

I cannot upload pictures quite yet but i will as soon as i can.



Best Answer 8 years ago

So you've already disconnected the USB plug from the cable?
If you've cut the wire, look at the plug you've cut off.  Even though the colours are different the wire positions will have to be the same.
If you can't do this, then look for a polarised capacitor on the webcam board.  They may be normal caps (with a "+" or "-" sign or black band or line, or surface mount ones - Look at THIS to identify.  At least one of these will be across the positive and negative USB terminals.
Once you've got the power lines, connect them to the PC and connect the two data lines at random.  You've got a 50% chance of getting it right and nothing really bad should happen (usual disclaimers apply) if you get it wrong.
If you get a PC error message or nothing at all happens, reverse the data wires.


Answer 8 years ago

I've just re-read your question and see this is an internal webcam, so there's no plug to cut off - The wires were soldered to the system board?
Same thing applies though - just be extra-careful.


Answer 8 years ago

so the webcam has a connector on the board and the cord between he webcam and the system board had 2 of the same connectors, one for plugging into the webcam and one for plugging into the system board.
So of the 5 wires i found that 2 were in fact positive, so i cut one off and tested the wire opposite the positive wire on the plug. i was negative.
as soon as i can find a spare cable i will find the data wires, then i am going to try and fit it into the PCMCIA filler. i have a usb-mini plug i am going to solder the wires to.