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20$ for Arduino sketch Answered

I will pay 20$ for Arduino sketch. please if you can do; reply here and I will send the flowchart.
Flowchart steps: Arduino has one PIR sensor input.
when sensor detects a surface at distance 25 cm or closer; it triggers 2 DC motors and 3 servo motors to move randomly.
the 3 servos move back or forth at range 0- 60 degrees. Direction is random and amount of movement is also random. but speed is fixed 20 degrees per second. the 3 servos should move same time but independently.
the 2 DC motors move forward only for 250ms at full speed. but the interval between on move and another is random between 1-3 seconds. they both independent from each other.

you are free to choose which pins you use for input/output.
use arduino Nano.
Thanks for reading