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2000watt bulb Answered

How to make your own 2000 watt light bulb.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

So teh local hardwarez stor don't have that size?

How bout we jus use 20 of 100 watt bulb, or 33 of 60 watt bulb, all wired together?


1 year ago

Get a good vacuum pump, glass making kiln, blow pipe and some glass.
Spend a few days refreshing you glas blowing skills to get evenly formed and sized bulbs.
Use some Tungsten wire of about 0.072mm thickness to wind a double coil with a resistance of about 29 Ohm for a 240V mains voltage or about 6 Ohm for 110V mains.
Make a wire holder for the coil with 4 or 5 supports like in a normal light bulb.
Place into your pre-heated light bulb and melt a glass tube to seal the bulb.
Make sure the connecting wires for the filament are going all the way out and are fully sealed in the glass.
Use the vacuum pump to evacuate the light bulb, leave the pump running for a while.
It pays off to repeat this process a few times after replacing the vacuum with some inert gas like Xenon.
Once satisfied melt the glass tube and seal the bulb.
Add the fitting you desire and enjoy your new 2000W light bulb.

I would have gone for some LED lights though...