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2003 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 Radio not working Answered

So, I have the OEM radio in it right now. Its a radio/cassette player. You can play a cassette and hear the audio just fine. But when you go to the radio, nothing. No sound at all. Not even static. And if I scan for stations, it'll just keep running, won't find anything. I pulled the radio out, made sure the antennae was connected, followed the wire as much as I could from the back of the radio to the antennae and didn't find/see any breaks/cuts. Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas? Thanks.



2 months ago

Yeah, your tuner is probably shot. 2003 is pretty old. It would probably cost more to repair, if you can find anyone that does that anymore, than installing an aftermarket. You may be able to get an OEM one from an auto salvage yard but again it's old so maybe not. They did sell a lot of those Rams.

The new radios usually have a USB port and/or AUX input so you can plug in an MP3 player. I doubt you'll find a new one that plays cassettes though. CD players will soon be fading away also.


2 months ago

If it is the antenna then just poking a wire of about 1.5m length into the antanna port should give you reception of close stations.
Still nothing and you might have a dead tuner in the radio.
Cassette radio are becoming collectors items now and see a revival as well, would be a shame if broken.

As an alternative look on Ebay or such for a cassette audio adapter.
Back before we had CD's they were quite common to add an audio input to an old radio.
A dummy cassette is used that has a small "transponder" which feeds the audio directly into the head of the radio.
Not perfect but would allow you to keep the radio while using some other input source for your music.