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2009 BrickCon Seattle Washington Answered

BRICKCON 2009 WHAT: BRICKCON BrickCon is a 4-day convention including a 2-day public expo where Adult Fans of LEGO (AFoLs) OR Adult LEGO Hobbyists (ALH) can congregate and display their creations. It is made up of two parts: Convention and Exhibition. The Convention provides a place for fans to get together and share their friendship, experiences and show off their fantastic creations. There are many smaller events within the Convention including contests, games, round-table discussions, seminars and presentations. The Exhibition invites LEGO fans of all ages to view hundreds of incredible hobbyist-built creations and meet, and hopefully be inspired by, their creators. This is BrickCon's 8th year of providing stimulating and fantastic displays! WHERE: Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center, Seattle Washington WHEN: October 1 through 4th, 2009 Public Exhibition is October 3rd and 4th 11am to 3pm Convention is 8am to 11pm WEBSITE: www.brickcon.org HOTEL: There are many, but the Hampton Inn is the "preferred" hotel. BrickCon is going to post a code for you to use when you register at this hotel to receive a discount from their usual rates. COST: Convention fee is $50. Exhibition Admission is $7 individual, $20 family, children under 4 admitted free. WHO: All Adult Fans of LEGO! Several LEGO employees will be attending! THEME: Imagination in Motion!


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11 years ago

Laura and I attended BrickCON 2009 in Seattle. Thought to share.

BrickCon is a 4-day convention  including a 2-day public expo where Adult Fans of LEGO get together and display their creations. It is made up of two parts: Convention and Exhibition. There are many smaller events within the Convention  including contests, games, round-table discussions, seminars and presentations.

There were about 400 people preregistered for the convention, and about 10,000 visitors during the public expo.

A lot of pictures of the builds at BrickCON:

(a) We conducted two presentations -Programming with the CORTEX and fischertechnik and LEGO. Both were well recieved, and everyone gave us
great feedback. I wish I had video of the building!

BrickCON attendees loved building with ft. ft does not have a high profile in the United States. Primarily it can only be found in specialty hobby shops, science museums, and in academic programs. Many had heard of it, but few have had the opportunity to build with it.

The ft presentation focused on comparing the building systems. Some of the points I made:

Similaritues between the two systems:
*Building Manipulatives.
*High Quality and *Long lived product.
*Both from Europe.
*Been around similar length of time.
*Similar building focus.
*Analogous components. 
*Can be reused and rebuilt into different models.
*Lively adult fan communities
-www.ftcommunity.de  -www.fischertechnikclub.nl
*CAD and robotic interfaces.

(Note: I talked *a lot* about both ftcommunity and fischertechnikclub!)

*ft is a hobbyist manipulative. There is a greater range of individual components
*LEGO: Most measurements must be multiples of the
standard unit spacings,  ft: Sliding fittings allow
fine adjustments.
*LEGO: Easy and fast to assemble, ft: Order in which components must be put together not always obvious.
*LEGO: Fixing system good but weak in comparison to ft.
*LEGO: Fixing system based on original building blocks and  somewhat 'directional.' (It is possible to align any component any way)  ft: No directionality to the fixing system.
*LEGO: Scale tends to be smaller than ft. For example: beams long and
slender, ft: blocks are bulky for microbuilds.
*Compare LEGO gears compared to ft gears.

(b) Laura put out the LEGO "Klaxon" on the technic MOC (My Own Creation)

(c) Walking Robot Competition!

There was a walking robot competition at BrickCON. The director of the
event asked Laura and I to build a walking robot for the event because
they were short entries. I explained we only had ft with us, and he told
us that was fine. We built something that night, but turned out there were
plenty of entries, and the director did not share with me the rules of
the competition (I thought it was a straight forward race)...so I chickened out. Still, it was fun to watch David Schilling, Gus Janssen, and Steve Putz and their creations!

Here was our entry:


(d) A lego rep told us "We will NEVER bring studded beams back!" Oh dear.

Thought to share. Lots of fun.

Looking forward to Bricks by the Bay!



11 years ago

I am attending. I am going to conduct a presentation on manipulative building and programming with the CORTEX. Hope to see you there.


11 years ago

Very interesting.