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24 V DC servo motor. Answered

I have a 24 V DC servo motor. What do I need to plug it into AC outlet.?



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11 years ago

servo's require a servo controller. Basically, you apply 24 volts dc with varying pulse width modulation to get varying output angles on the servo. You need a supply capable of delivering 24 volts dc, and a servo controller capable of that (what seems to me) high voltage.


Answer 11 years ago

A servo motor is a part of a system to make something move at a certain speed, or to a certain position. A PWM drive applied to a motor will make it turn at a speed related to the load on the shaft. If you want to use it AS a servo, you will need a servo amplifier and some means of feeding back either speed or position to the system.

If all you want to do is make it turn, and you know what current it takes, just build or buy a DC power supply to do it. If you want variable speed, hunt down PWM circuit based on chips like this, the Mic502.

You'll STILL need the DC power supply though !!!!