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240 volt timer ? Answered

Hi all

I have a 240v fog machine makes fog like a disco

I wish to run it on a timer.
For an outside dragon smoke display.

I can easily time it purely off /on with a basic 24 hour  household socket cheap timer


The fog machine after getting power needs a press of a button to activate it.
I need a circuit / timer  so  that when it gets 240v power can then "press the button "ie activate

I bought a hi tech machine to try  but it loses it's memory setting when timed out on  240v.

I need something that keeps its timer cycle intact.

Maybe an expert out there can help?

Happy to modify something etc.

Nick Tasmania


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8 years ago

All you need is a simple micro controller to turn the machine on and off when you need it. The micro controller can keep track of the timing needed and activate relay that will bypass the machines power switch and be able to turn the machine on and off.