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25 KVA tesla coil transformer Answered

I have a monster size transformer and I would like to sell it!

it is made by general electric, 25 KVA, was oil cooled, (I removed it from its tank)

this transformer is the same size used to power subdivisions, 4 to 30 houses ( think of the power!)

just image the size of tesla coil this thing could power! WOW! tank size was 17X26X31

I would like to get $400 dollars and you take care of the cost for shipping. thats about one quarter the cost of buying a new one even with the shipping cost. (350 pounds!)

be reasonable! the person who offers me more money gets it! send me a email, NOT a comment at the bottem. I will wait 1 to 2 weeks to see who offers the most. 5/14/09 I will only take money orders, because they are the safest for you and me.


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11 years ago

What happened to the tank and the oil? Without them, this transformer is practically useless.