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27MHZ 2-way radio? Answered

I need help building a 27MHZ 2-way radio, as the title suggests. I really want to build one so I can learn more about how radios work. And it has to be 27MHZ. I would also prefer the transmitter and receiver to be separate circuits, so there would be multiple uses for this.
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Best Answer 4 years ago

You may be able to find schematic with a google search. Unfortunately even with good schematics and a known good board layout you will run into problems requiring specialized equipments to get sorted. Something as small as a through hole in your board being too big or inconsistent solder joints can cause problems. Every micro farad in radios counts. Radios are kind of a complex subject that require more than building one. So pick up some books and start studing the subject. Then once you have an decent understanding take a stab at building something simple before moving up tot he higher frequencies.


4 years ago

1. Check out local regulations re transmitting.

2. Making radio transmitters and receivers is REALY difficult - your going to need some test equipment, so this may be a long and steep learning curve.

3. It's not by any means impossible for someone who is determined. Do a lot of reading and good luck